Saturday, 25 April 2009

A star on the table top

I’m currently sat on the bed composing this post, because the rest of TT has yet again been transformed into a wood yard come tool shop. Only the bedroom is safe.
I’ve already posted photos, of the Takey Tezey star and mentioned the fact that what was once Alan’s table top, is going to be turned into a stunning door for in front of my washer / drier.
(Note: That was plan A which meant it would inevitably morph into something else, and it has).
Alan’s beautifully carved table, sorry I should’ve taken a photo BEFORE the masking tape went on:
This doesn’t do it justice at all. So here it is all set and ready to go, fingers crossed, get the saw out…
The old door…
What’s hidden behind it…

So we’re all sorted right? Not quite…
We were having last minute negotiation talks about how workable this was last night when suddenly I had a different idea. “What about putting it in the bathroom instead?” We aren’t keen on these doors:
They really are all one colour, but without the lights on, me and my own shadow has got in the way. Oh and the poo tank’s behind them…
AND here’s another reason to set it up in the bathroom:
Nobody would see it in front of the hidden washer drier anyway, because there’s two out of four stools sit in front of it…
Amazingly Dave agreed, he’d been mulling it over himself and even went one step further. He’s going to cut the table down the centre of the star and make it into two doors! Impressive – well it will be if it turns out as planned, (be a first).
o that’s what he’s working his little socks off doing now. He’s spent all day making it the right size, and getting everything “flush” in the bathroom. He’s about to start cutting it down the middle now. Rather him than me, one false move down the centre of that design and it could end up looking like a jig-saw puzzle.
Darn it, he’s just asked me to hold one half steady, must go. Don’t miss tomorrow’s exciting instalment folks. Oh it’s all good fun…?

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