Saturday, 4 April 2009

I promise these are the last exclusive ceiling photos ever

Unless that is, we start building a “V” shaped roof over the bow seeing as we’ve been headed that way through the boat from start to finish. Yes today it’s the bedroom ceiling’s turn.
All in all the day started well (not). Dave scraped his back on the hatch cover (which is still a work in progress). Badly bruised? YES, about three inches of one, YIKES, and OUCH.
But like a typical bloke, when I mentioned using some antiseptic cream / pain reliever stuff he just groaned “aghh it’ll be ok.” (Right well don’t come to me moaning about it later on then).
And while I was taking the BEFORE photo below I fell backwards out of the doors at the front. All I could think was “SAVE THE CAMERA, SAVE THE CAMERA” never mind my bum or my pride. Even so, I did a quick scan of the area afterwards (like you do) just to make sure there were no tittering witnesses.
So here’s the one (before) that I literally fell over backwards to take…
     And here’s the finished product at the end of a hard days graft…
Most of this was done by Dave while I cleaned the brass work in all sorts of obscure places, doors, handles, vents etc.
Of course there had to be a third blunder, I forgot to put the top back on the NEW tube of “Mass” (brass cleaning stuff). Not only that but I left it on the stairs (WHY?) Then came down  them backwards… SPLATTTT,,, it went EVERYWHERE, well all over the step, my foot, slippers, jeans etc. (At first I thought the stair was collapsing till I looked down). So without daring to move I shouted “Dave we seem to have a minor disaster here, help and HURRY UP.”
When he saw the mess I was in all I heard was “Oh no, not my Mass stuff, it’s 10 quid a tube you know,” (charming). We spent AGES cleaning it up, it’s at times like this the benefits of non-slip mats turn into a curse. Not because I was sliding around, but because the pink goo settled very nicely in the crisscrossed design.
After 30 minutes we finally had the situation under control, painstaking removal using a knife and an empty pot to re-house the pink blobby stuff for future use…

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