Friday, 17 April 2009

More Partying!

Liam and Maddy set off early to drive back here from the Lake District, Maddy wanted a guided tour because she’s from Germany and heard a lot about it. Liam came to the boat for a natter while she was having her hair done at Tracey’s salon. Another gorgeous day so we just lounged about the back of the boat, then some more little visitors arrived.
Just behind the boat, the first baby ducks of the season at the marina with their proud mum. They were so young, when we threw some tiny bits of bread, they didn’t know they were supposed to eat them…
Fluffy ducklings - all ELEVEN...
Later on Liam went to collect Maddy and they booked themselves in at the hotel they’re staying in for the next couple of nights, (only about four miles from here).
Once they’d had chance to “settle in” we went to pick them up on our way to my sister’s for family party number two. Unfortunately my sister and family missed out on the boat trip last Sunday because they were on holiday. So it was real nice for everyone to be together.
Here’s a few family photos from today:
Left to right, brother in law Ray, dad, mum, me, Maddy, Liam, our neice Sarah, my sis Chris, our nephew Jonny, Chloe our grand daughter in front of him, oh and of course lets not forget “Rossi” the dog there…!

On this one my mum and me have disappeared to take photos, and Dave has planted himself where I was…
L&M Visit 2009 (38)

Our son Liam, Maddy and our daughter Tracey…
Ray, Chris, me & Dave…
And this is a little gem I found hung up in the hallway, hmm could it refer to boat rules perhaps? Nah, strictly no hassle…!
So thanks to Chris, Ray (and mum) for putting on a great meal, and a real “good time” party…
Martini glass

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