Saturday, 18 April 2009

No, this isn´t easy at all

Liam and Maddy came to the boat about lunchtime, it’s their last full day here so they spent it with us before they set off back to Germany.
I think we were all aware that after today we won’t see each other again for quite a while, which made it more of a “thoughtful” get-together. Our son is a soldier in the British Army and based over there, so our time together is precious. The weather was gorgeous, we did a lot of talking, had (another) lovely meal together and discussed arrangements to see them later this year sometime.
Dave and I are hoping to be able to go over there in September and stay at their apartment for a week or so. But it might not be quite so straightforward because Liam will be starting his training for Afghanistan, and when he can take leave will be limited.
Even so, they’re both aiming to be here at Christmas.
Here’s some photos I took this aft of them feeding one of the swans…

When it was time to say our goodbyes, Liam said “I hate this bit” and I agreed. We walked with them to their car and I kept my sunglasses on in case I started crying! We all did!
The main thing is that we´ve had a great time together this week, and as a bonus the weather was kind to us…

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