Monday, 27 April 2009

Oh no, this job is still evolving

Apart from the accidental photo of my left nostril I once managed to capture (with zoom), which was promptly deleted and NEVER published. This is probably the most embarrassing photo I’ll ever post.
It features a very flattering Picture (not) of half the poo tank in all its glory, and yes it’s meant to be black.
So why did I deem this revelation necessary? Well it’s another “before and after thing.” Yes, we’ve been forced into changing the plan of action yet again, but what with wading through plans A to Z over the past two days we’ve used up the alphabet.
Perhaps it would be easier to just leave the bathroom like this, and place a curtain neatly over “it” when we have visitors…
The thing is we’ve found that sometimes “upgrading” something means (for appearances sake) the same has to be done for the surrounding area. This is where it all becomes even more complex. I mean we couldn’t put two lovely doors on there without painting the surrounding wood white to match the ceiling above could we?
So we both got round to rubbing down either side, looking at this (beautiful) photo Dave took control of starboard, while I stood firm at port. Because there’s less to do at my side. BUT I later ended up doing more work than I thought, which included cleaning the OUTSIDE of the poo tank, (Yikes). Mercifully it was ok apart from being covered in sawdust.
Then I ended up undercoating some odd bits of wood in an odd sort of way really, I reckoned I’d overdone the primer. But Dave said it was ok, was he just being kind?

As for the starry eyed doors, well Dave persevered yesterday even with all the problems, oiled the backs, re-varnished the fronts and they look brill. Oh how close they came to being chucked, but he doesn’t give up easy my hubby, me either, it’s a dam good job too!
So this is STILL an on-going operation, what started off as a table top has turned into a makeover on a much grander scale. Just hope the Queen doesn’t pop in for a cup of Darjeeling while all is “laid bare.”

Oh dear that reminds me of the time we went to a wedding at a posh hotel, a cup of this particular (Darjeeling) “tea” was passed to me. I thought it resembled pig swill, so I asked if I could have milk in it please? (Wondered why Dave was nudging me with his elbow). Even worse, this was after I’d announced we drank it regularly when we were in the USA. (Lies)What a “Faux pas” that was eh? Reminds me of a “Del Boy” situation in “Only Fools and Horses.”
Anyway, if her majesty did happen to stop by for a chat, she’d have to make do with Tesco finest teabags, and pay to use someone else’s loo…

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