Sunday, 12 April 2009

Out on the canal at last

Well today must’ve been the warmest day so far this year, what great timing too!
With my mum and dad, our daughter Tracey and her boyfriend Alex, our son Liam and his girlfriend Maddy, oh and of course us two, going on a family boat trip.
We all went for a lovely meal in the cafe first, then walked back to the boat and “cast off” with horns blowing all around us. Anyone would think it was the Queen Mary headed for a spin across the Atlantic. “Ship Ahoy” (and all that). Just four miles there and four miles back, we were advised: “If you get lost just keep going in a straight line” Ha Ha.
So here’s some photos of the motley crew, but I’ve just noticed I’m not on any of them!
Moored up (after winding), about halfway between the marina and Tarleton…
Guys you’re supposed to be looking this way…
That’s better…
Dave on the phone to his bank manager, nah it was his dad, but he couldn’t hear what he was saying thanks to the revellers…
More partygoers…
By gum, that’s a nice looking boat…
Well what can I say? Each to their own…!
Back at base, mum, dad, Maddy, Liam and our daughter Tracey…
Meanwhile Dave and Alex were putting the back cabin together.
As the U2 song says, “It’s a Beautiful Day…”
PS: The new inverter and batteries passed their combined “inaugural test” with flying colours. Then again I suppose a day trip out with the engine running there and back isn’t much of a test at all really! But the old one couldn’t even manage that, so it’s looking positive...!

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