Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Well Takey Tezey will be transformed into a party boat this weekend, our son and his girlfriend are coming home from Germany for a week. They’ll get here Friday, and coming to see us at the boat first. then going on to stay over at our daughter’s house.

Setting off tomorrow, he’s driving all the way, (except for the ferry crossing of course), but PHEW what a long journey by car in less than 24 hours. It’ll be great to see them and we’re really looking forward to it. On Sunday there’ll be nine of us for a meal at the marina café. Afterwards if the weather allows, we’ll be taking them all out to Tarleton for the day. We’ll moor up somewhere on the way back for an “on board buffet” too.

So we’ve been getting her “ship shape and Bristol fashion” this week, today we went for a pumpout. As fellow boaters will understand, this is an important part of preparations when so many guests are on board. Never mind cleaning, dusting, washing and polishing mushrooms, priority number one (excuse pun) is to make sure there’s enough “room in the tank.” And to put it politely (on the subject of the toilet) the cup wasn’t running over – but was about to!

We had “to go” anyway because the marina closes for Easter and tomorrow’s weather forecast is even worse than today (that’s saying something). Regular readers will already know that a pumpout for us always means freak weather occurs.

After doing the business (excuse) Dave then had to negotiate the ten foot waves to get back to the mooring, (well alright 10 centimetres, but they were close together, honest).

Meanwhile I stood on the jetty and waited patiently while the boat went backwards towards the marina entrance, oh what fun eh? I mean last time we ended up in that region at least we were facing FORWARDS.

It has to be said that all things considered he did a dam good job, and with a bit of help from friends we got her back to the mooring ok. We’ve had it said to us a few times that it’s all about “using the wind in your favour, let it do the hard work for you.” I mean we can both drive the boat easy enough. But I think using the wind in quite extreme circumstances is something that has to be learnt through experience, it doesn’t come naturally. Well not to us anyway, although we’ve both got going backwards sussed out now.

PS: My mum sent me a text earlier because she’d been reading about the “Magic Spiral” palaver on my blog. She said they regularly used to go to a pub for a meal that served the spirals as one of four different choices of potato on the menu. They called them TWISTERS.

Well all I can say is that they must’ve used a super duper deluxe version…

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