Sunday, 5 April 2009

The magic spiral on trial

“I’m going to test out that magic spiral thingy on a potato” says Dave. “Oh this I’ve got to see” says me.
Exhibit A…
Exhibit B…
He mumbled something about sticking them together with superglue, that he wasn’t impressed. Then I heard “Oh dear I think my threads have gone.” (Painful?) So that was it, after producing a sum total of these two twirls it gave up. Shortly to be followed by Dave who also gave up enough to deposit them in the bin.
It seems the magic spiral was too complex for the potato to cope with. However, even though what it produced was trashed, it still managed to disappear in relative safety to the back of the drawer. For future use? I doubt it.
Today’s main job was to create another vent in the cupboard where the new inverter combi thingy now resides…

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