Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The new settee arrives at last

Remember the fiasco when we ordered the new leather settee back in January? 
Bear in mind they told us at the shop the settee comes in two “halves” that slot together because both sides recline. (Simple eh?) And so today, the delivery guy rang to say he’d be here in 20 minutes.
Half an hour later we spotted a large “SCS” van sailing (excuse pun) past the marina entrance. Fortunately they must’ve noticed the sign and did a U-turn.
When they arrived I questioned the number of bits ‘n pieces there were, one of the delivery guys told me there were SIX sections. Hmm, now lets see, (hang in there while I do the math). So if there’s 2 sections for each half which = 4. Then 4 + 2 = an extra seat! After explaining this algorithm to the delivery guy (I had to ask). “Does this mean you’ve brought us one that’s TOO BIG…? (PANIC).
For a while there I was led up the garden path good and proper about it, till he  kindly informed me that there’s 3 sections to each side not 2. A base, a back, and a side for each half says he, then he laughed.
I felt like saying “well I knew that anyway” but it was too late for pride to step in, darn it I’d been fooled good and proper on April 1st. But hey it was worth temporarily feeling like a Pratt because it’s absolutely GORGEOUS, definitely worth the wait.
Anyway, here it is “in the nude”…
Nope, TOO fussy…
Yup, that’ll do…
Sorted, at last, PHEW…!

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