Thursday, 16 April 2009

The shelf that fell off the wall

Shush, Dave’s still sound asleep after his first night back at work, and I’ve done a naughty thing.
There’s this shelf above the microwave (which in turn sits on another shelf below it). Well anyway I’ve never liked it, but Dave has, hence the reason why it’s stayed up there so long. But when I got up this morning I noticed that the left hand screw was loose. [A screw loose? I must be referring to myself]
So I grabbed a screwdriver and furtively removed the whole thing, when he wakes up it’ll have to be a case of:
“Well dear, I noticed the shelf was leaning sideways and the screw was hanging off, so I had to take the whole thing down because it created a Health and Safety issue.” And if any more persuasion not to put the darn thing back up is necessary, here’s what I’ve come up with:
  • It could’ve dropped off at any moment and permanently disabled somebody.
  • It could’ve dropped off at any moment and damaged something like the microwave, or the worktop. Or god forbid, the plate rack, which is nowhere near it, but never mind.
  • It could have woodworm.
A short while later…
When Dave appeared in the kitchen the whole thing went down nothing like I’d intended at all, the first thing I said was “Have you noticed there’s something missing yet?” Answer “No, what?” Then I could see the penny dropped as he reached up for a teabag and the canister thingy wasn’t there.
“Oh no what happened?” Says he, so I told the story and at first he said he was going to “redesign” it and stick it back up there. Sod Health and Safety, it had to be “no chance!”
After further negotiations it turns out he wasn’t bothered anyway, in fact he’d been pulling my leg about it all along. By the time we’d been shopping and put everything away, we’d both caught “shelf removal syndrome.” So we moved the microwave and re-housed it neatly under the plate rack, (in a corner on the work surface). The old shelf was also “placed neatly” in a pile (after being dismembered) ready for the tip.
Ah, that’s better, neither of us likes clutter, and we were both amazed by the difference it’s made in that respect, Although we’ll still have to carefully sand the wall down, fill in the screw holes and oil the wood, it was well worth it. Will post some photos when it’s all sorted, no publicity shots of it yet though.
As for the table that’s going to be a door, well it sounds simple enough, (no actually it doesn´t and probably won’t be).
Alan had created what resembled an “American diner” effect next to the kitchen on his boat. It was pretty cool really, he made a lovely job of it, and hand engraved the Takey Tezey “Star” into the table top which is a beautiful piece of wood. It’s quite stunning to look at, and the new owners have asked us if we want it because they have other ideas for that space. (Which is very nice of them, they’d noticed that it meant something to us).
At first Dave was going to chop it down and put the star on the wall somewhere, then it was suggested to us that it would make a lovely door for in front of the washer drier! Yes, there’s already a door in front of it but not quite as elaborate shall we say! So it’s been measured up and that’s the plan. We´ve got a busy weekend coming up though, so this little project might get delayed for a week or two.
It’s just taken me half an hour to find these photos:
The star design on both sides of Takey Tezey…
The star design on both hatch doors…
Will also post photos of before after the stable door table / door has been “transformed” or let’s put it this way, IF IT WORKS OUT…!

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