Friday, 3 April 2009

The Vent

Today’s main job was to create another vent in the cupboard where the new combi inverter / charger resides.
Vent number one, always been there, but wasn’t enough…
The extra vent, on the side going down the stairs…
[Does this mean I’ve lost my airing cupboard?]
Very nice dear, but what a MESS this job made. It took us both a couple of hours, just to get shut of the big layer of sawdust on EVERYTHING this side of the bathroom. (Could even taste the stuff). Of course the other side of the bathroom and beyond had a finer layer that couldn’t be ignored as well. Which still required hard labour and the hoover doing overtime.
TIP: Always remember to hide your knick knacks (that’s ornaments and the likes), when there’s a job that sprays sawdust en masse. Oops I forgot…

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