Wednesday, 13 May 2009

All screwed up with nowhere to go

Except in the bin:
As mentioned yesterday the three dangly “straps” shown above are now USELESS when it comes to keeping the back rolled up. I think this is actually a good thing, because the more bits n’ pieces lose their purpose. Or simply “drop off” in the back cabin, the more urgency it might create to get a new one built, (every little helps).
Even so I don’t think Dave (or me) will be wiping the dust off the old cheque book anytime soon. The plan for now is to remove the three eyesores, put three little white hooks up and use a loop of string on each one for now. They say creativity is a virtue, for us it’s a necessity
PS: With ref to Sunday’s post about our personal links to Penkridge and the Staffs Worcester canal being at the “root cause” of our interest. Just thought it best to explain that before we bought TT we were fully aware of where we could and couldn’t cruise with a widebeam. (Yes we’d done our homework).
But to us the boat itself was more important, so it’s just “one of those things” the Staffs Worcester is too narrow in places. Although I do find it a bit ironic considering it's where we started off...!

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