Sunday, 17 May 2009

Better than a piece of string eh?

When I got rid of the exclusive “Camelot Feature” around the back cabin last Tuesday, I accidentally broke the last strap that holds up the “back bit” when it’s rolled up. Oops.
We were left with the prospect of using a sophisticated new system involving hooks and string to replace them all. So we went to B&Q in the hope of spying something more reliable, and found some replacement “danglers.” Good enough to hold up the flappy bits in future. There’s 11 of them up there altogether now, which includes the sides and back.
Plastic chains they might be, (no laughing please), but they look a darn sight better, funky even? Hey, and they work too.
Here they are hanging on their hooks “folded up,” but this photo isn’t very flattering at all…
Unfortunately this is what keeps happening everywhere else. This is the worst bit, and it’s a pain in the bum keep replacing poppers, well for Dave it is anyway…
Later on (when we’d all recovered from last night’s visit to the pub), Diane and I went for a walk down the towpath. We found a nice spot for John and Fiona from nb Epiphany to moor up when they arrive here tomorrow. They´re crossing the Ribble Link later this week, so it´s this way or no way.
After reading their blog for some time, we’re looking forward to meeting them…

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