Friday, 29 May 2009

Day 7: Staying put regardless

We’re only able to hang around here in this gorgeous spot on the Rufford canal because it’s warm and sunny today. Couldn’t do it otherwise, because we’ve got to save ALL the puny amount of power for the dam fridge freezer. Alternators, who’d have them eh?
Without moving, just running the engine for an hour or two here and there, we’re lucky if it stays on for three hours. So there’s nothing at all to spare for heating and lighting.
Dave did some fishing this afternoon while I did some blogging, (he never caught anything and I couldn’t think straight), we did well between us. So we cheered ourselves up and had yet another BBQ! Diane called round later on for a brew and a natter, she’d walked a long way to get here.
Later on we sat outside in the cabin and played Scrabble (again). This time, being as we were sober, “proper” words were available. By the way, (not to blow my own trumpet), I WON…!  
The view from where we’re at now…
Holiday 058
Looking back, the last lock we came through before mooring up…
Holiday 060
And a beautiful sunset…
Holiday 062
It was quite a dismal start to the day and we almost set off back, but decided to stay because by mid-morning the weather started to improve a lot, glad we didn’t leave early…!

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