Friday, 22 May 2009

Is it really one of those days?

I heard someone say “it’s one of those days” this afternoon. It made me wonder why we all translate it as being a bad day for that person. I think the word “those” is the deciding factor in this sentence and how it comes across.
I mean no-one would say it if they’d just won the lottery would they? But it certainly would be “one of those days!” (In a spectacular sense of course). Hence it would never apply to me (us) in that sense at all, but that’s life.
However, if you add the word for on the end it can all change, for example: “It’s been one of those days for” having a jolly good time old bean? So this one word can transform the whole sentence into something more positive than being “troubled.” And the saying is suddenly set free to apply to ANY day whatsoever.
That’s good news for me (us) then. I mean to make the most of every “one of those days” just add the word for on the end and it’s an easy life right? Hmm, I must remember this.
Dave’s doing an oil change at the moment in readiness for tomorrow, well next week, well into next year really.
I noticed these lily's at the back of the boat earlier, the flowers must’ve started to open yesterday in all the rain:
Beautiful, bet there’s a few fish hiding in there…
So it’s also “one of those days FOR noticing nature’s new beginnings.” [Don’t need to say that sounds good do I?]
Can’t wait till tomorrow, it’ll be “one of those days FOR” starting a new adventure and having some fun [And that sounds very, very good]
We’re meeting up with Debbie and John (Tickety Boo) at Parbold around teatime, and mooring there overnight. Just call us “Water Wally’s United” (oh don’t ask). Looking forward to seeing yet more fellow bloggers!  More partying, aye that’s the idea chuck.

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