Thursday, 21 May 2009

John and Fiona pull the pins today

Dave’s got next week off work, it’s his last night tonight, and we’re going out on Saturday for a week. Up onto the Leeds Liverpool and headed towards Lymm. The reason why I haven’t mentioned our little voyage is that I didn’t want to tempt fate. I mean the weather...
But the forecast says it’s going to be really nice this Bank Holiday weekend, which still gets a vote of no confidence. Even so the ban on this news item has been officially lifted.
John and Fiona called in on their way back from Southport for a brew, and to say Tatty Bye before crossing of the Ribble Link. I couldn’t resist telling them NOT to turn left on the way, else it’ll be a sea crossing. (Seriously, we could see fishing trawlers out there when we went across the estuary!)
They’re going to Tarleton first thing tomorrow to moor up ready and waiting. I don’t think they were that impressed with Southport (who can blame them?) But they were very impressed with Rufford Old Hall, the boundary of which is no more than 200 yards away from the marina entrance. The beautifully maintained gardens back onto the canal..
“Photo shoot” No.2 at Takey Tezey:
Fiona and John with TT just before they left…
Later on we went to Tesco to do 10 days worth of shopping in one go. We could’ve done with a trailer on the way back there was that much stuff. What with (in order of importance) wine, beer, barbecue fixtures and fittings, oh yes, there´s food too…

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