Saturday, 23 May 2009

Setting Off

We left port (well, the marina – but the former sounds better) at around noon, all set for the seven locks and two swing bridges up onto the Leeds – Liverpool canal. The weather was great so we took our time.
Some of the locks were much easier to open than last year so perhaps lifting my weights regularly (well sometimes) has been worth it.
Then again it could just be that BW have been round with the Vaseline over winter. Anyway we’d arranged to meet Debbie and John from nb Tickety Boo at Parbold. But we’d no idea how long it would take us to get there.
The green green grass of home…
Holiday 002
Coming towards Parbold hill on the left…
Holiday 004
Getting closer…
Holiday 006
The “strange bridge” with two arches either side, weird, I mean people could’ve walked round it like most bridges…
Holiday 011
A proud mother and her brood…
Holiday 016
Rufford canal between locks two and three…
Holiday 008
We moored up there (above) for a late lunch and I got a text from Debbie. She said they were waiting for us at The Ship Inn which backs onto Lathom Lock 1. The pub is situated in a lovely spot. Right next to the arch bridge where we turn off the Rufford Branch, and onto the Leeds Liverpool.
So lunch turned into “butties on the run” because we weren’t far away at all, (locks 1 and 2 are right next to each other). Debbie and John were stood waiting at Lock 2, by the time TT was in Lock 1 Debbie went and brought us all a drink from the pub!
We  stood next to the lock gates and had an introductory natter whilst Dave aka Spiderman jumped off the roof, and left TT to rise from the depths on her own! Before we knew it, I leant on the lock gate and it moved, but we stayed there nattering for a bit longer. Well it’s not like there was anyone else waiting to come through. I should’ve got a photo of TT coming up in the lock on her own, but I was too busy wittering.
Afterwards we rounded the corner following “Tickety Boo” and set off towards Parbold. Then we moored up the other side of the bridge. Close to the windmill that had it’s top half chopped off, no I’m not kidding! What’s left of it is now an art gallery.
Once we were moored up and pinned down, we went to the local Chinese Takeaway and had a feast in our back cabin,, or as Debs calls it “the conservatory.”

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