Sunday, 3 May 2009

Strange time for strange photos

I had to go fill up the water this aft (front of boat) so I took the camera with me. Now I’m fully aware of how utterly stupid that sounds, but remember the duck that’s nesting in a plant pot? Well I thought I’d try and get a photo while I was in the vicinity, this is the best one:
Here she is sitting on five little eggs, you can just see her head…
But the thing that “jumps” out at you in this photo, (excuse pun), is the tortoise looks like it’s getting a bit over friendly with the watering can. The watering can itself looks very happy about this, even mother duck is checking out what’s going on behind her.
Later on today I was stood in front of a wardrobe wondering whether to put on my fancy trainers or my “towpath trainers.” We had guests coming round to tea, so really it should’ve been my ball-gown slippers, but I couldn’t find them. Anyway I looked at the beautiful view outside and took this because I thought it put yesterday’s laid back versions into some perspective:
Ahem, no naughty comments about the luxurious bedroom curtains please.
I would’ve loved nothing more than to crop them out of the photo, or even crop them for real with a pair of scissors, but they would’ve taken half the (said) perspective with them. Do you remember when these kinds of curtains, swirly bits, circles, squares, and dots were all the rage back in the 1980’s? C’mon don’t be shy, just admit it.
Well this boat was built in 2007, so we’re only about 20 odd years out of date with the drapery, and they don’t go with anything else at all. The squares and circles have had their day, so we’ve just “put up with them,” (excuse pun) since we got the boat. We´ve got blinds everywhere else, but they keep the bedroom “cosy” so it’s just been about practicality really. Well anyway we’re getting some new ones for throughout the boat soon, can’t wait.
Oh dear, tea is in the oven and Dave’s just announced that we’ve run out of gas. He’s changing bottles whilst muttering that he’s going to poison both us and our guests tonight. I keep telling him it doesn’t matter if we’ve all got the sh*ts tomorrow, as long as we have a good laugh tonight!
Ending on a more uplifting note, the weathermen all seem to be agreeing that we’re in for a good summer this year But don’t get too excited, they said that last year didn’t they…?

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