Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Tea aboard Epiphany

It’s been lashing down with rain all afternoon, and we’d arranged to be aboard Epiphany at 4pm for a meal. As we were about to leave TT and walk down the towpath something quite unusual happened, IT STOPPED PEEING DOWN and THE SUN CAME OUT.
It came as quite a surprise really because under normal circumstances a lucky break in the weather never happens to us. The towpath was still squelchy, so we had to don the weather proof gear anyway, but it wasn’t far to walk. We had a lovely meal a good natter. 
Dave, John and Fiona…
Me, John and Fiona…
It looks warmer than it was, hence the jackets for me and Dave! Think John and Fiona are a bit more naturally “weather proof” than us two!

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