Thursday, 7 May 2009

The staff of life lost it´s way

Last night Dave turned a tap on and no water came out. We knew the tank was full, and after about three goes it SUDDENLY came on again. So he checked out the drinking water filter tap which was dripping a bit. Hmm...
Moving into the bathroom and the same outcome, I dared him to test the shower (fully clothed) but he wouldn’t play along. So we left it a bit while we pondered on the situation, then later on, without any fiddling about it was ok. (Oh goody).
This morning however when I tried to clean my teeth – no water again. But the warm water tap was working ok, so I brushed my teeth using that. It was a bit too much on the warm side for my liking really, but never mind it was a weird experience if nothing else.
We thought the water pump (which is less than a year old) might be failing till Dave had chance to look at it, turned out to be even worse,, a loose connection going into the darned thing. It was all very technically challenging really, I switched the tap on in the kitchen (without water) while Dave moved the wire. Then we both waited to find out where the wire needed to be in order to make the water flow. So it was taped in the right place temporarily for tonight. (Captain, we have contact).
Other “breaking” news, (excuse pun) Dave’s bestest watch stopped working today, (it must’ve come out in sympathy with the water pump). So he’s had to resort to his “backup watch” for now. Thing is he still can’t tell what time it is because it’s one of those with just 3, 6, 9, and 12 on it. All the other numbers are missing so he has to guess the rest. Well that´s what you get for buying a posh watch...! 
Good grief he’d fair better with a sun dial strapped to his wrist…

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