Monday, 11 May 2009

Tyre-ing Work

And today’s job is:
Fitting a tyre to the jetty for the back end of the boat to sit against, so the exhaust for the CH boiler can have better “air flow.” Engineer Tom will be happy that Dave’s finally got round to doing this because he’s kept mentioning that it would be a good idea. But Dave’s put it off, probably because it involves hanging on for dear life and not dropping your drill whilst faffing about.
We didn’t want a big gap that somebody could put their foot down, which meant it was questionable as to just where the hell the dam thing should go exactly? Due to where the boat sits when it’s moored up, the angle required for the exhaust. The detailed “prep” discussion that ensued, was more like a refresher course in geometry and basically all about:
Best use of S P A C E…

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