Monday, 29 June 2009

Decisions Decisions

We sat down this aft in the BLAZING HEAT and “chewed the fat” (that means we had a discussion) about several “items” on our boat agenda. Sounds like a another boring board meeting.

Firstly, the infamous lack of a bow thruster problem, no "Me, the useless human bow thruster anymore? Well the boat’s been assessed, and there’s plenty of room for a nice top o’ the range “Vetus” jobby.

TT’s got to come out the water next year sometime to have her bottom smacked, I mean blacked. So we might as well chuck a bow thruster in there at the same time eh?

Besides there’s another bonus. We’ve been told one of the wardrobes in the bedroom will have to be removed for access. To say I don´t like the darn thing is an understatement, so it´s well worth it for that reason alone.

The only stumbling block is that there’s a waiting list of 9 months for the boathouse and we’d need a week in there (well, the boat would). Which means another “winter of discontent” at the helm, with the steering controls (or lack of) at the bow. BUT we’ve waited this long so let’s be patient. Even so, I did just throw in a gentle reminder to Dave that he’ll need to book it quick smart.

More importantly on the agenda, our son Liam has got three weeks leave in August. So we’re hoping to be able to go to see him and his girlfriend in Germany for a week. It’ll be my birthday while we’re there too (just thought I’d throw that bit of useless info in). So we’d best get booking flights soon…
Right that’s enough for one day – this meeting was closed in the vain hope that our agenda works out as planned, jeez that’s asking a lot with our luck…

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Putting things off? Never she says

Why do we put off till tomorrow, what we can do today? Because we can’t be bothered.
So basically, for us that means:
Friday was today,
Saturday was tomorrow,
And today is… Oh dear, you work it out because I’ve lost track…
I posted photos of the different transformation changes for the breakfast bar last week, (which also works as a lunch or dinner bar when we have visitors). So in simple terms:
BEFORE: Job started, new door on (RHS) before painting…

AFTER: Two weekends later with “fiddly faffing” about completed, PHEW…
Side bit too…!

All my own work, the “wrought iron” support brackets, well they look real even if they’re not, so shush…
After tea Fiona and John came round, (on their way back from the Lancaster canal and crossing the Ribble Link). We spent a very pleasant evening swapping stories and banter, (along with a bottle of red and a bottle of white).
When they’d gone we saw them walking down the towpath, so we shone torches till they were out of site. I think Dave was trying to send a message using a previously undiscovered version of Morse Code. In the hope that it would be translated as “Good luck on your new venture up the Leeds Liverpool Canal” (over and out).
Personally I thought it looked more like an S.O.S. But it couldn’t be, because people would’ve come running from all directions to our aid right? I mean wouldn’t they? Hmmm…

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Mary and Rex

Now I know loads of people have posted gorgeous pictures of baby swanlets already, meanwhile in these ‘ere parts we’ve all been waiting in anticipation...
There’s a swan who’s been sitting on a nest opposite the towpath side of the canal for what seems like months now. (Personally I was beginning to think it was a phantom pregnancy). But much to our surprise babies were spotted just a couple of days ago.
Some cute n’ cuddly photos at last, without wood in them.
So here they are being proudly paraded round the marina for an early evening paddle with mum and dad.
After a little coaxing with some bread the whole family came to the front of the boat for a visit…


By the way, it’s mum and dad who’re called Mary and Rex…
Well they need to have names, after all it’s only right and proper.
Mary is so-called because she’s very wary.
Rex is so-called because he’s prone to getting vexed.
Yes I know that’s ultra corny, but it’s the best I can do for now. If I think of anything better when the brain cell’s working at full capacity, (it’s taken the day off) I’ll re-name them both next week.
We had some visitors (of the human kind) this aft, my mum and sister popped round for a brew. We don’t often see them, and they were impressed with the DIY “upgrades” we’ve (painstakingly) achieved recently.
Hard labour with lots of “hiccups” but worth it, and there’s still loads more we want to do,, bring it on, gently please…

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Spot the difference

Question: So what’s changed here since yesterday’s post?
Answer: I painted the horrible support brackets under the breakfast bar the same colour…
Well I did say I didn’t like them, they spoiled the whole effect, but Dave reckoned they looked good (?) So after some gentle persuasion he gave in, and while he went shopping for some wood trim I got on with the transformation. It took some determination though because the first coat looked like I’d gone through it with a comb afterwards.
Second one wasn’t much better, I was beginning to lose faith at that point (but I was prepared to go on all day if necessary). Anyway the third was the winner, and wow what a difference.
This is how to change tatty into natty folks, it was four hours of hard labour, preventing the DRIPS from accumulating in the wavy bits, while performing a juggling act. Because whilst rescuing a drip at one side another appeared at the other, argh.
But it was worth it because they now resemble (painted) ornate wrought iron. When Dave came back he was impressed, it wasn’t obvious but I could tell.    
Later on he varnished and oiled the wood trim he came back with, left it to dry out on the jetty, and brought it in just before a massive downpour. Something’s not right here, I know this job’s been delayed by two weeks, but apart from that everything’s gone to plan. (Now there’s a first).
Oops, shouldn’t have said that till it’s all finished because with this boat’s track record, there’s still room for change.
Hard graft, but a very Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful hubby Laughing out loud

Almost forgot…!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Putting right the wrongs

Well today was the day for,, in Dave’s own words “sorting out the cock-ups I made worse last week.” He’d been and got all the bits n’ pieces for the restoration work, then got started on them this aft.
First of all he managed to stop the leak under the sink, FOR GOOD. Then he moved onto the power cable and put new END bits on. (To be fair the latter wasn’t his fault but never mind). The spare cable was then rolled up and put back in it’s safe place. We were plugged back in with a power cable that can be measured in feet rather than miles.
Next on the agenda was that flipping door panel, with a new wood panel that’s soon to become a door. It’s complicated, the original wouldn’t “measure up” last week. So it was time to get down to serious business under the breakfast bar.
Here we have it in all it’s glory, just after the new door was created. (That’s it on the right). But not hung permanently as it were, that visual delight has to wait till it’s all been tarted up a bit.
Think of the word PAINT…
So we both spent the rest of the day undercoating, note the glass of red taking centre stage…
Meanwhile I was busy doing the newly created door outside in the “conservatory.” (Debbie’s name for the back cabin, and it’s sort of stuck because it sounds posher, (ha ha). I mean doesn’t everyone want a conservatory on their boat?
Forget the back end if you haven’t got room there. Just stick it on the side of your boat (concertina style). Makes it adjustable for going through locks, and the side hatch is the perfect place to clamber through.
Anyway to get back to the paint jobby, we even managed to get a layer of emulsion done using rollers. But I never did like those chrome supports under the bar, (see above photo again).
I think they’re supposed to look fancy, but they don’t, they just look naff, so I have another plan…

Friday, 19 June 2009

New pins and an alarming click

We went to the chandlery at White Bear marina this aft to “upgrade” our mooring pins:
Old on the left and new on the right…
So we now have two of each, the old being consigned as spares, the new being – well, the ones that will be employed, or deployed in futuree.
Shiny as a new pin(s) they are, it seems a shame to dirty them up them really. There’s two reasons for changing them. The first being we can have lots of fun tying up even more knots than we already do. I say “we” but I mean Dave.
The second being that they’re easier to fish out the water if they get dropped in, because the rope stays attached, well that’s the idea. Not that we would ever need to do that of course, I mean with our expertise, such things just don’t happen, (liar).
Oh, and there’s a third reason – if the pins are pulled “for fun” by some passing yob, well I doubt your average ASBO owner would stop to pass the time learning how to untie knots. With a bit of luck it would bounce upwards and hit Mr ASBO on the head anyway. Fortunately we’ve not come across that kind of situation yet, but you never know.
Back at White Bear marina where we set off on today’s post there’s a new lingerie shop appeared (between the chandlers and the coffee shop). Yes I said lingerie, as in frilly bras, knickers, stockings, suspender belts etc. What the?? In a marina?? I can’t think of any shop anywhere that could be more out of place!
I mean it’s not like it’s a bustling shopping centre or anything, those are the only three premises at the marina, and it’s slap bang in the middle. Mind boggling stuff eh? We would’ve had a nosy just for a laugh if it had been open, you know, to establish that ones eyes weren’t deceiving one.
Maybe a BW key is required to get in? Does this mean the moorers at White Bear need their own personal supply of fancy undergarments?  If so, the men would still be going to British Home Stores because I didn’t see any underpants hanging around. (No wonder the guys all had sly grins on their faces).
Have bras replaced brass? Has underwear replaced undercoat? Have suspender belts replaced fan belts? (Yes I know stockings will do that job just fine, they had plenty of them on display too). They might as well have situated the Ann Summers rip off (Sorry) in the grounds of a church next to a graveyard. It’s got to go under surely…
“Ann Summers rival” coming to a chandlery near you soon, get your smalls and necessary’s here…   
Later on as we were walking away I tripped up, fell gracefully sideways (must’ve had other things on my mind, tut, tut) and hurt my arm. I was a bit shook up so Dave bundled me into the car and when we got back to the boat opened a nice bottle of red wine, (in case of shock). So we sat and polished that off between us before going to the local pub for a nice meal.
But there was more,, when we came back, I unlocked the door and went in. Then we both sat outside in the back cabin, but Dave closed it (the door I mean). It’s the “click” noise that does it you know, the ears register that sound straight away. However, the brain is always a couple of seconds behind, because it’s already gone into denial about the fact, keys still inside,, you’ve locked yourself out of the boat. Yes, I’ve been there before, Dave had to come home from work with his keys to rescue that situation.
So this is the second time it’s happened, and there’s no way back in without that key. Yes ok, last time it was my fault, (eat humble pie time). However, we got lucky this time, I’d brought the keys back out with me. So just for a second or two I played along...
Hey, Heather and Dave certainly know how to finish off a nice relaxed evening and go out in style – or is that get in with the possibility of breaking in?
You’d think we’d have learnt by now but after millions of years with a double glazed door at the house, which wouldn’t lock till you decide it needs locking with the key. Going back to a Yale jobby and remembering to flick the button thing up isn’t easy.
Well it’s certainly been another weird day, never a dull moment and all that baloney…

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

STRIKING a lucky BREAK for once

Dave switched the kettle on this afternoon and the inverter whirred into life, strange? We’re on electric hook up, it’s got no need to kick in at all, and never has done. EXCEPT to charge up the batteries after we’d been out on the canal. (That’s when the dying alternator wouldn’t alternate).
So as you can imagine today’s entry for the “Toil ‘n Trouble” archive was “Yikes, this isn’t even possible!”
After re-composing ourselves we got on with the task of diagnosing things. We checked the battery meter readings, they were down to 12V. Mains power had gone, and we’ve still got the same knackered alternator that can’t deliver the goods (even with the engine running). Well it just gets better doesn’t it?
Fortunately the inverter was ok and just doing what it’s supposed to, Dave went out to check the electric meter and there was plenty on there. But he said he thought there was a strange humming sound coming from the box, he couldn’t be sure because it was raining so hard it was difficult to hear. Then he made sure we hadn’t got a power cut in the area – nope.
So he rang Engineer Tom, and he said to check the plug connections on both ends of the electricity cable. Which would’ve been our next “port of call” anyway, (excuse pun).
We have a spare cable that’s about a mile long for in case we’re facing the other way, so after carefully unplugging the potentially troublesome one. Dave plugged in the spare, and the inverter started topping up the batteries up again, phew!
Then he checked out the connections on the (obviously faulty) cable which came with the boat…
Plastic broken off on the outside that’s supposed to keep everything watertight…!
How it should be, this one has a different fitting on the newer (longer) cable that Dave put together himself, and had it checked out before using it…
Back to the faulty one , it was even worse inside, (excuse fingers) this wire was frazzled and the surrounding plastic had melted to it. Dave had to peel it off to find the messed up wire…
And the other wire? It was loose…
Maybe we should’ve noticed the gap in the cover on the outside ourselves, it had always been the same. But with hindsight it was underneath and unnoticeable. Dave’s just informed me that at worst it would’ve only tripped the switch in the fuse box outside. “Oh well that’s a relief” says me. It was still a “moment of panic” we could do without though.
I mean even Dave said “What next?” That’s usually my line, oh pass me a whisky, (even though I hate the stuff).
Right, let’s see now, this week we’ve (almost) had a flood, (almost) had a fire, or as it turns out perhaps not, and (almost) had ??? I know there was something else, but can’t remember what it is, never mind. Losing track – it’s probably for the best.
Thought of the day:
It’s not all plain sailing, even when you’re not going anywhere…

Monday, 15 June 2009

Totally fed up

There was another turn of phrase I wanted to use as a heading for this post. But I thought better of it, so I’ll leave it to your imagination.

Morning: As I write this I can hear a dripping noise under the sink, it started when I did the washing up. Oh and, it’s not just one bit that’s leaking – it’s two different places, but I can only see one of them. I know this isn’t like me, I usually see the funny side, but right now I just can’t. Too many “little boat niggles” recently have turned into one big one.

Dave’s in bed at the moment, (working tonight). I could temporarily switch the water off on the console thingy for the water pump. But I don’t think it would make any difference, so I’m going to just leave it. In fact I’m even going to put my washer on, so if it floods the place and we sink then tough.

I think this is called “venting” it’s not often I feel the need to “vent” but this is one of those times.

Afternoon: Well Dave’s up now, so he’s doing an “examination and diagnosis” at the moment. By the way I didn’t put my washer on earlier, somehow I resisted the urge to potentially do MORE damage. Believe me it wasn’t easy because I wanted payback, justice, revenge? I mean what next? You’d think this boat would be dam grateful for all the time and money we’ve spent on it but NO.

Later on: The problem turned out to be the plastic sink waste pipe, it wasn’t broken at the joint (like a normal waste pipe would be) oh no,, the whole hose was split. Dave couldn’t understand how it hadn’t leaked before.
Even though it meant him going out and searching for the right replacement fittings in the right shop. He was really glad I hadn’t emptied the washing up bowl after doing the breakfast pots. That was pure luck really. When I first heard the noise I threw my yellow (extra strength) Marigolds across the sink, checked out the cupboard underneath and walked away in disgust…

Teatime(ish): Everything’s replaced and working properly now, (phew). He even managed to get the wood for the infamous new door. So he managed to kill two birds with one stone as it were – no, make that three, because he brought back a Chinese meal for our tea.
And,, relax…

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Seen the light

Dave made another “interesting” discovery the other day. Before we went for our pumpout experience on Monday, the poo tank indicator light hadn’t been working for a few days. So he went out and got a couple of bulbs, came back here and the light was on. What the?

Tank empty = light on?
Tank full = light off?

I mean who needs a fancy “read all about it” monitor for your poo when a light simply goes on or off? Simple eh? Forget the tech stuff. Right that’s enough of that, this particular Poo Tank incident report must be much more boring to read about than in real life. Simply because I can’t capture the look of amazement the same.

Today I read a four page article in July’s Waterways World. Starts on page 73. It’s all about the Ribble Link crossing. The first page features our familiar Rufford Branch, and how lovely it is. Even our marina gets a mention – as if it came as a surprise to the writer that there was a marina here at all.

The Rufford Branch is the only way to get to the Ribble Link and the Lancaster canal beyond it. So it’s nice to see it recognised for what it is,, which makes a change...

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Best Intentions

Yesterday Dave mustered up enthusiasm to tackle the panel – to – door transformation for new the washer / drier cover up. This meant we’d be getting somewhere right? (One step closer to granite worktops, next on the agenda, oh don’t ask).

BUT after a thorough inspection and 20 minutes worth of measurements later, he announced that the wood panel was too thick. Well, couldn’t we make do? Couldn’t we just trim off the bad bits? Nope, turns out the proposed “door” wouldn’t shut proper over the washer drier which is bolted in place.

So it needed “thinner” wood, Dave went to a couple of wood yards. One was closed, and at the other he found the right stuff, an 8 x 4 sheet. But when he asked if they could chop it down a bit for him to fit in the car ok, the guy turned round and said: “We haven’t got a saw mate, we sell it all as panels of set sizes only.” Couldn’t make this up could I? Hence the mission was aborted.
By this time Dave was beyond going back out again, all the way to B&Q, I was beyond trying to persuade him.

Instead he turned his attention to putting eyelets in my tea towels so I can hang them up on a “secret hook” under the breakfast bar. He used the little clickety thing that came with them. Whilst sorting the first one, the back of the contraption came off and stuck itself in with the tea towel...

Out came the toolbox, and he put this “thing” with a point on it over the “part” that had come off. “Just tap it with this hammer while I hold it still.” As a precautionary measure I asked that seeing as his thumb was close by, was totally sure about this? Turned out he had no choice so he was willing to take his chances. (Oh dear).

I brought the hammer down, knocked the stray part off as planned and almost took Dave’s thumb with it, (well I did warn him). Luckily it wasn’t fatal and had stopped hurting within the hour, along with the moans and groans.

We both came to the conclusion that maybe it was best not doing any more jobs today – the way our luck was running, we might well have ended up amidst a disaster zone. Mind you the weather was gorgeous so it kind of compensated.

So we gave up and went for a walk along the canal after tea. We tried to find the well hidden footpath that’s supposed to take you across a field or two, up to the River Douglas, but we couldn’t um, find it.

It was still really warm and sunny with no wind at all, (unusual) so we went to the local pub instead and sat outside till about 10pm.

On the way down the towpath we saw a mummy duck with her babies. But on the way back, Mrs Duck was sat there on her own and we wondered where the babies had gone. Then we noticed two little heads poking out from under her wings, ah. She had two at either side of her to keep them safe. Never seen that before, and we didn’t have the camera with us either, typical.

So getting things in perspective:
Underlying moral of the story for today: “If at first you don’t succeed – don’t, don’t try again…”

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Opening curtains and shutting them again

No excuses – puns intended…
Diane and me went on a little shopping trip to Preston today with the intention of buying curtains for both our boats. Our first curtain call was at Dunhelm Mill, and not being drawn by anything in particular, we pulled ourselves together and went into the town centre.
Drawing curtains was forgotten for a while as other shops caught our eyelets and we wandered apart from the original plan somewhat. But we couldn’t let that hang us up could we? I mean, two women set loose in a shopping mall, what a curtain raiser.
So I got these…
And this…
And this…
And these familiar magazines…
Meanwhile Diane was on a mission to find a new handbag, not any old handbag though. It had to fit all the right criteria (there were many). Unfortunately after visiting a million handbag shops. None of them met up to expectations. So she bought a pack of 3 toiletries bags instead – but not to use as flowery handbags of course.
Then we stopped off for a break and something to eat. (It’s hard work this shopping lark, very trying tiring).
After all the detours we got caught up in drapes for the second time (different shop), and there they were, sat looking at me. Not poles apart from what I had in mind at all, in fact they were just right and I was hooked. 
Diane takes all the credit for working out widths, lengths, and the same for linings because I’ve never knitted a pair before – she has. I mean on TT there’s 5 big windows to do altogether, including the doors at the front of the boat it’s a LOT of material.
Had to get blackout linings for (said doors and windows in the bedroom). Ordinary linings for the rest, FORGET new blinds for the kitchen and bathroom windows for now – too much to dam well carry. Just as with the handbag, Diane's search for the right curtains proved elusive too.
I don’t know how it happens but whenever I go shopping with someone else I always come back with bagful's of stuff, (and a battered card). While my companion remains calm, cool, collected and no less well off than before.
So all puckered up and weighted down we both staggered back to the Park ‘n Ride with difficulty, I was very grateful to Diane for her expertise and help carrying everything. Just couldn’t have done it on my own.
Come to think of it I can’t run up curtains either because sewing machines are like aliens to me. Hence I’ll be taking lessons from her soon too. Now there’s a challenge, I’m DETERMINED to succeed, after all it’s only fair that I do all the hard work myself. Never mind if they don’t hang straight when I’ve finished.
Here’s a little sneak preview, (no they’re not blue), in fact they’ve not come out the right colour in this anaemic photo either...
Dammit I forgot the cotton…

Monday, 8 June 2009


First of all, yesterday was a total flop, the weather was abysmal and laziness had truly set in for both of us. I was hoping Dave might decide to at least begin the panel / door job but nope. (This is just a blip on his part, has to be).

As nice as it would be to have a “hydraulic door” fitted instead, that particular option isn’t on the table. For a moment there I was on the verge of politely putting forward an idea something like:
“Just pass me the hammer, chisel and screwdriver, leave me alone for a couple of hours. Then I’ll attach the hinges and put the knob on myself.” (Oh missus). But then I thought better of it because I’d like to keep all my fingers intact, and even more distressing I could even break a fingernail.
Meanwhile Today: We could delay it no longer, the dial on the poo tank indicator has been in the red. Nay, BEYOND red and pointing to the “I’m full and about to spill forth” setting since Friday. So yet another “pumpout spectacle” was overdue. (They come from miles around to gongoozle and laugh at us you know).
Other people here are beginning to catch on now. In a half joking, half sympathetic sort of way, they comment on how calm the weather is when we set off. And how gale force winds set in while we’re over there. It’s uncanny. We’re even wondering if we might get banned from the service area for bringing in bad weather fronts.
I mean you see people in shorts and T-shirts when we set off, but by the time we come back it’s all long john’s and woolly hats. Today was no exception to the rule. Dave almost brought the end of the jetty with him while backing up in the rain and wind afterwards. So he swung the tiller in the opposite direction at the last second to save any further embarrassment.
Thought of the day: There might be a couple of other options to prevent hurricane's setting in:
  • A long “super hose” that connects direct from here to the service area.
  • A huge portable above ground tank that could be wheeled out down the pier.
Any new ideas / inventions are welcome, send them on a postcard to your nearest friendly sewage farm…

Thursday, 4 June 2009

The panel with a problem

Well the past couple of days we’ve both had a distinct lack of enthusiasm for tackling ANY of the items on our “DIY projects and boat improvements list.”
Which also still includes a small percentage of jobs that have been started and abandoned till a later date for various reasons. The main excuse being that if the job in question makes no visible difference, (which in layman's terms means nobody would notice anyway). Then it’s ok to leave it for a while and move onto something much more pleasing to the eyeballs.
A prime example of leaving something boring behind was draft proofing the hatch cover. An elaborate, yet tedious undertaking which was started in October last year, and still hasn’t been undertaken.
However, there is still a chink of hope for mustering up the will to bring on the power tools. Dave mentioned something about turning the highly sophisticated panel (that hides the washer drier) into a proper door.
This is because in order to prise the damn thing off (and reveal the electrical washing miracle) one has to tug, pull and generally wrench the panel out with brute force. Leaving one’s nails looking like they’ve been shredded.
The panel…

The hidden Velcro join…
Hey presto…
And yet there’s more… Complication number one, I want to paint this wood, (all of it under the breakfast bar) because it’s totally inferior to the rest of the wood on the boat.
Remember the fun we had dancing on the ceiling in March? (I mean painting the centre panel thingy?) Well that’s lovely wood, and was all about a design feature.
But this is a bit different, so cover the ugly wood in the same colour paint and hey presto a colour coordinated transformation, good eh?
However, Dave threw a spanner in the works by saying it would be easier to oil it. To be continued…

Monday, 1 June 2009

The Out-takes

Well Dave went back to work today :(  It’s all gone so fast, and just to rub salt in a wound for him it’s even hotter than yesterday.
Anyway here’s a few of the photos that came in as “runners up.” Didn’t quite make the grade. Fell short of the mark at the time. But even so they’re still worth a peek, and some have even turned out to be more interesting than they were at the time.
Note: Original caption for this first photo was: “Here’s “Tickety Boo” Billy pretending to be camera shy…”
Well that would be fine except I’ve just been reminded his real name is “Bobby,” jeez I’m USELESS at remembering names, and sometimes this can prove to be very embarrassing.
Aha! Not this time though because even Debs herself isn’t sure if he’s a “Buster” or a “Berty” and he’s her dog.
So amended caption for this photo:
As you can see here, “Tickety Boo” Benji doesn’t give a toss anyway…
Holiday 030
A wigwam with a view…?

Holiday 013
I expected to see a stately home at the top of this hill, (above the manicured field). But it was just a herd of cows, or “dots” as they turned out in this picture…
Holiday 035
Tramlines in the field on the left, not very noticeable I know, but it is a nice view…
Holiday 036
Can you spot the three ducks? Nice place you got there guys…
Holiday 017
A jacuzzi made of stone…?
Holiday 024

What looked like ornate gas pipes (till we got up close and they were grotty). Notice the WW2 bunker behind it…
Holiday 025
Mama water hen feeding bread to her baby’s, ah…
Holiday 031
How sad, boarded up and abandoned. There was lovely ornate ironwork underneath the bit that sticks out too. Fully restored, just think how many luxury apartments it could be turned into…
Holiday 054

Bet this guy was the equivalent of Bill Gates in his time…
Holiday 057

Well there you go, a journey through the “Weird, Wonderful and Whacky” photos from our recent jaunt along the Leeds Liverpool canal.
Tune in next week for a free video tutorial about how to tap into such talent, but you have to be a nutcase to qualify…