Saturday, 13 June 2009

Best Intentions

Yesterday Dave mustered up enthusiasm to tackle the panel – to – door transformation for new the washer / drier cover up. This meant we’d be getting somewhere right? (One step closer to granite worktops, next on the agenda, oh don’t ask).

BUT after a thorough inspection and 20 minutes worth of measurements later, he announced that the wood panel was too thick. Well, couldn’t we make do? Couldn’t we just trim off the bad bits? Nope, turns out the proposed “door” wouldn’t shut proper over the washer drier which is bolted in place.

So it needed “thinner” wood, Dave went to a couple of wood yards. One was closed, and at the other he found the right stuff, an 8 x 4 sheet. But when he asked if they could chop it down a bit for him to fit in the car ok, the guy turned round and said: “We haven’t got a saw mate, we sell it all as panels of set sizes only.” Couldn’t make this up could I? Hence the mission was aborted.
By this time Dave was beyond going back out again, all the way to B&Q, I was beyond trying to persuade him.

Instead he turned his attention to putting eyelets in my tea towels so I can hang them up on a “secret hook” under the breakfast bar. He used the little clickety thing that came with them. Whilst sorting the first one, the back of the contraption came off and stuck itself in with the tea towel...

Out came the toolbox, and he put this “thing” with a point on it over the “part” that had come off. “Just tap it with this hammer while I hold it still.” As a precautionary measure I asked that seeing as his thumb was close by, was totally sure about this? Turned out he had no choice so he was willing to take his chances. (Oh dear).

I brought the hammer down, knocked the stray part off as planned and almost took Dave’s thumb with it, (well I did warn him). Luckily it wasn’t fatal and had stopped hurting within the hour, along with the moans and groans.

We both came to the conclusion that maybe it was best not doing any more jobs today – the way our luck was running, we might well have ended up amidst a disaster zone. Mind you the weather was gorgeous so it kind of compensated.

So we gave up and went for a walk along the canal after tea. We tried to find the well hidden footpath that’s supposed to take you across a field or two, up to the River Douglas, but we couldn’t um, find it.

It was still really warm and sunny with no wind at all, (unusual) so we went to the local pub instead and sat outside till about 10pm.

On the way down the towpath we saw a mummy duck with her babies. But on the way back, Mrs Duck was sat there on her own and we wondered where the babies had gone. Then we noticed two little heads poking out from under her wings, ah. She had two at either side of her to keep them safe. Never seen that before, and we didn’t have the camera with us either, typical.

So getting things in perspective:
Underlying moral of the story for today: “If at first you don’t succeed – don’t, don’t try again…”

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