Monday, 29 June 2009

Decisions Decisions

We sat down this aft in the BLAZING HEAT and “chewed the fat” (that means we had a discussion) about several “items” on our boat agenda. Sounds like a another boring board meeting.

Firstly, the infamous lack of a bow thruster problem, no "Me, the useless human bow thruster anymore? Well the boat’s been assessed, and there’s plenty of room for a nice top o’ the range “Vetus” jobby.

TT’s got to come out the water next year sometime to have her bottom smacked, I mean blacked. So we might as well chuck a bow thruster in there at the same time eh?

Besides there’s another bonus. We’ve been told one of the wardrobes in the bedroom will have to be removed for access. To say I don´t like the darn thing is an understatement, so it´s well worth it for that reason alone.

The only stumbling block is that there’s a waiting list of 9 months for the boathouse and we’d need a week in there (well, the boat would). Which means another “winter of discontent” at the helm, with the steering controls (or lack of) at the bow. BUT we’ve waited this long so let’s be patient. Even so, I did just throw in a gentle reminder to Dave that he’ll need to book it quick smart.

More importantly on the agenda, our son Liam has got three weeks leave in August. So we’re hoping to be able to go to see him and his girlfriend in Germany for a week. It’ll be my birthday while we’re there too (just thought I’d throw that bit of useless info in). So we’d best get booking flights soon…
Right that’s enough for one day – this meeting was closed in the vain hope that our agenda works out as planned, jeez that’s asking a lot with our luck…

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