Monday, 8 June 2009


First of all, yesterday was a total flop, the weather was abysmal and laziness had truly set in for both of us. I was hoping Dave might decide to at least begin the panel / door job but nope. (This is just a blip on his part, has to be).

As nice as it would be to have a “hydraulic door” fitted instead, that particular option isn’t on the table. For a moment there I was on the verge of politely putting forward an idea something like:
“Just pass me the hammer, chisel and screwdriver, leave me alone for a couple of hours. Then I’ll attach the hinges and put the knob on myself.” (Oh missus). But then I thought better of it because I’d like to keep all my fingers intact, and even more distressing I could even break a fingernail.
Meanwhile Today: We could delay it no longer, the dial on the poo tank indicator has been in the red. Nay, BEYOND red and pointing to the “I’m full and about to spill forth” setting since Friday. So yet another “pumpout spectacle” was overdue. (They come from miles around to gongoozle and laugh at us you know).
Other people here are beginning to catch on now. In a half joking, half sympathetic sort of way, they comment on how calm the weather is when we set off. And how gale force winds set in while we’re over there. It’s uncanny. We’re even wondering if we might get banned from the service area for bringing in bad weather fronts.
I mean you see people in shorts and T-shirts when we set off, but by the time we come back it’s all long john’s and woolly hats. Today was no exception to the rule. Dave almost brought the end of the jetty with him while backing up in the rain and wind afterwards. So he swung the tiller in the opposite direction at the last second to save any further embarrassment.
Thought of the day: There might be a couple of other options to prevent hurricane's setting in:
  • A long “super hose” that connects direct from here to the service area.
  • A huge portable above ground tank that could be wheeled out down the pier.
Any new ideas / inventions are welcome, send them on a postcard to your nearest friendly sewage farm…

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