Thursday, 25 June 2009

Mary and Rex

Now I know loads of people have posted gorgeous pictures of baby swanlets already, meanwhile in these ‘ere parts we’ve all been waiting in anticipation...
There’s a swan who’s been sitting on a nest opposite the towpath side of the canal for what seems like months now. (Personally I was beginning to think it was a phantom pregnancy). But much to our surprise babies were spotted just a couple of days ago.
Some cute n’ cuddly photos at last, without wood in them.
So here they are being proudly paraded round the marina for an early evening paddle with mum and dad.
After a little coaxing with some bread the whole family came to the front of the boat for a visit…


By the way, it’s mum and dad who’re called Mary and Rex…
Well they need to have names, after all it’s only right and proper.
Mary is so-called because she’s very wary.
Rex is so-called because he’s prone to getting vexed.
Yes I know that’s ultra corny, but it’s the best I can do for now. If I think of anything better when the brain cell’s working at full capacity, (it’s taken the day off) I’ll re-name them both next week.
We had some visitors (of the human kind) this aft, my mum and sister popped round for a brew. We don’t often see them, and they were impressed with the DIY “upgrades” we’ve (painstakingly) achieved recently.
Hard labour with lots of “hiccups” but worth it, and there’s still loads more we want to do,, bring it on, gently please…

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