Friday, 19 June 2009

New pins and an alarming click

We went to the chandlery at White Bear marina this aft to “upgrade” our mooring pins:
Old on the left and new on the right…
So we now have two of each, the old being consigned as spares, the new being – well, the ones that will be employed, or deployed in futuree.
Shiny as a new pin(s) they are, it seems a shame to dirty them up them really. There’s two reasons for changing them. The first being we can have lots of fun tying up even more knots than we already do. I say “we” but I mean Dave.
The second being that they’re easier to fish out the water if they get dropped in, because the rope stays attached, well that’s the idea. Not that we would ever need to do that of course, I mean with our expertise, such things just don’t happen, (liar).
Oh, and there’s a third reason – if the pins are pulled “for fun” by some passing yob, well I doubt your average ASBO owner would stop to pass the time learning how to untie knots. With a bit of luck it would bounce upwards and hit Mr ASBO on the head anyway. Fortunately we’ve not come across that kind of situation yet, but you never know.
Back at White Bear marina where we set off on today’s post there’s a new lingerie shop appeared (between the chandlers and the coffee shop). Yes I said lingerie, as in frilly bras, knickers, stockings, suspender belts etc. What the?? In a marina?? I can’t think of any shop anywhere that could be more out of place!
I mean it’s not like it’s a bustling shopping centre or anything, those are the only three premises at the marina, and it’s slap bang in the middle. Mind boggling stuff eh? We would’ve had a nosy just for a laugh if it had been open, you know, to establish that ones eyes weren’t deceiving one.
Maybe a BW key is required to get in? Does this mean the moorers at White Bear need their own personal supply of fancy undergarments?  If so, the men would still be going to British Home Stores because I didn’t see any underpants hanging around. (No wonder the guys all had sly grins on their faces).
Have bras replaced brass? Has underwear replaced undercoat? Have suspender belts replaced fan belts? (Yes I know stockings will do that job just fine, they had plenty of them on display too). They might as well have situated the Ann Summers rip off (Sorry) in the grounds of a church next to a graveyard. It’s got to go under surely…
“Ann Summers rival” coming to a chandlery near you soon, get your smalls and necessary’s here…   
Later on as we were walking away I tripped up, fell gracefully sideways (must’ve had other things on my mind, tut, tut) and hurt my arm. I was a bit shook up so Dave bundled me into the car and when we got back to the boat opened a nice bottle of red wine, (in case of shock). So we sat and polished that off between us before going to the local pub for a nice meal.
But there was more,, when we came back, I unlocked the door and went in. Then we both sat outside in the back cabin, but Dave closed it (the door I mean). It’s the “click” noise that does it you know, the ears register that sound straight away. However, the brain is always a couple of seconds behind, because it’s already gone into denial about the fact, keys still inside,, you’ve locked yourself out of the boat. Yes, I’ve been there before, Dave had to come home from work with his keys to rescue that situation.
So this is the second time it’s happened, and there’s no way back in without that key. Yes ok, last time it was my fault, (eat humble pie time). However, we got lucky this time, I’d brought the keys back out with me. So just for a second or two I played along...
Hey, Heather and Dave certainly know how to finish off a nice relaxed evening and go out in style – or is that get in with the possibility of breaking in?
You’d think we’d have learnt by now but after millions of years with a double glazed door at the house, which wouldn’t lock till you decide it needs locking with the key. Going back to a Yale jobby and remembering to flick the button thing up isn’t easy.
Well it’s certainly been another weird day, never a dull moment and all that baloney…

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