Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Opening curtains and shutting them again

No excuses – puns intended…
Diane and me went on a little shopping trip to Preston today with the intention of buying curtains for both our boats. Our first curtain call was at Dunhelm Mill, and not being drawn by anything in particular, we pulled ourselves together and went into the town centre.
Drawing curtains was forgotten for a while as other shops caught our eyelets and we wandered apart from the original plan somewhat. But we couldn’t let that hang us up could we? I mean, two women set loose in a shopping mall, what a curtain raiser.
So I got these…
And this…
And this…
And these familiar magazines…
Meanwhile Diane was on a mission to find a new handbag, not any old handbag though. It had to fit all the right criteria (there were many). Unfortunately after visiting a million handbag shops. None of them met up to expectations. So she bought a pack of 3 toiletries bags instead – but not to use as flowery handbags of course.
Then we stopped off for a break and something to eat. (It’s hard work this shopping lark, very trying tiring).
After all the detours we got caught up in drapes for the second time (different shop), and there they were, sat looking at me. Not poles apart from what I had in mind at all, in fact they were just right and I was hooked. 
Diane takes all the credit for working out widths, lengths, and the same for linings because I’ve never knitted a pair before – she has. I mean on TT there’s 5 big windows to do altogether, including the doors at the front of the boat it’s a LOT of material.
Had to get blackout linings for (said doors and windows in the bedroom). Ordinary linings for the rest, FORGET new blinds for the kitchen and bathroom windows for now – too much to dam well carry. Just as with the handbag, Diane's search for the right curtains proved elusive too.
I don’t know how it happens but whenever I go shopping with someone else I always come back with bagful's of stuff, (and a battered card). While my companion remains calm, cool, collected and no less well off than before.
So all puckered up and weighted down we both staggered back to the Park ‘n Ride with difficulty, I was very grateful to Diane for her expertise and help carrying everything. Just couldn’t have done it on my own.
Come to think of it I can’t run up curtains either because sewing machines are like aliens to me. Hence I’ll be taking lessons from her soon too. Now there’s a challenge, I’m DETERMINED to succeed, after all it’s only fair that I do all the hard work myself. Never mind if they don’t hang straight when I’ve finished.
Here’s a little sneak preview, (no they’re not blue), in fact they’ve not come out the right colour in this anaemic photo either...
Dammit I forgot the cotton…

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