Saturday, 20 June 2009

Putting right the wrongs

Well today was the day for,, in Dave’s own words “sorting out the cock-ups I made worse last week.” He’d been and got all the bits n’ pieces for the restoration work, then got started on them this aft.
First of all he managed to stop the leak under the sink, FOR GOOD. Then he moved onto the power cable and put new END bits on. (To be fair the latter wasn’t his fault but never mind). The spare cable was then rolled up and put back in it’s safe place. We were plugged back in with a power cable that can be measured in feet rather than miles.
Next on the agenda was that flipping door panel, with a new wood panel that’s soon to become a door. It’s complicated, the original wouldn’t “measure up” last week. So it was time to get down to serious business under the breakfast bar.
Here we have it in all it’s glory, just after the new door was created. (That’s it on the right). But not hung permanently as it were, that visual delight has to wait till it’s all been tarted up a bit.
Think of the word PAINT…
So we both spent the rest of the day undercoating, note the glass of red taking centre stage…
Meanwhile I was busy doing the newly created door outside in the “conservatory.” (Debbie’s name for the back cabin, and it’s sort of stuck because it sounds posher, (ha ha). I mean doesn’t everyone want a conservatory on their boat?
Forget the back end if you haven’t got room there. Just stick it on the side of your boat (concertina style). Makes it adjustable for going through locks, and the side hatch is the perfect place to clamber through.
Anyway to get back to the paint jobby, we even managed to get a layer of emulsion done using rollers. But I never did like those chrome supports under the bar, (see above photo again).
I think they’re supposed to look fancy, but they don’t, they just look naff, so I have another plan…

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