Sunday, 28 June 2009

Putting things off? Never she says

Why do we put off till tomorrow, what we can do today? Because we can’t be bothered.
So basically, for us that means:
Friday was today,
Saturday was tomorrow,
And today is… Oh dear, you work it out because I’ve lost track…
I posted photos of the different transformation changes for the breakfast bar last week, (which also works as a lunch or dinner bar when we have visitors). So in simple terms:
BEFORE: Job started, new door on (RHS) before painting…

AFTER: Two weekends later with “fiddly faffing” about completed, PHEW…
Side bit too…!

All my own work, the “wrought iron” support brackets, well they look real even if they’re not, so shush…
After tea Fiona and John came round, (on their way back from the Lancaster canal and crossing the Ribble Link). We spent a very pleasant evening swapping stories and banter, (along with a bottle of red and a bottle of white).
When they’d gone we saw them walking down the towpath, so we shone torches till they were out of site. I think Dave was trying to send a message using a previously undiscovered version of Morse Code. In the hope that it would be translated as “Good luck on your new venture up the Leeds Liverpool Canal” (over and out).
Personally I thought it looked more like an S.O.S. But it couldn’t be, because people would’ve come running from all directions to our aid right? I mean wouldn’t they? Hmmm…

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