Sunday, 14 June 2009

Seen the light

Dave made another “interesting” discovery the other day. Before we went for our pumpout experience on Monday, the poo tank indicator light hadn’t been working for a few days. So he went out and got a couple of bulbs, came back here and the light was on. What the?

Tank empty = light on?
Tank full = light off?

I mean who needs a fancy “read all about it” monitor for your poo when a light simply goes on or off? Simple eh? Forget the tech stuff. Right that’s enough of that, this particular Poo Tank incident report must be much more boring to read about than in real life. Simply because I can’t capture the look of amazement the same.

Today I read a four page article in July’s Waterways World. Starts on page 73. It’s all about the Ribble Link crossing. The first page features our familiar Rufford Branch, and how lovely it is. Even our marina gets a mention – as if it came as a surprise to the writer that there was a marina here at all.

The Rufford Branch is the only way to get to the Ribble Link and the Lancaster canal beyond it. So it’s nice to see it recognised for what it is,, which makes a change...

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