Sunday, 21 June 2009

Spot the difference

Question: So what’s changed here since yesterday’s post?
Answer: I painted the horrible support brackets under the breakfast bar the same colour…
Well I did say I didn’t like them, they spoiled the whole effect, but Dave reckoned they looked good (?) So after some gentle persuasion he gave in, and while he went shopping for some wood trim I got on with the transformation. It took some determination though because the first coat looked like I’d gone through it with a comb afterwards.
Second one wasn’t much better, I was beginning to lose faith at that point (but I was prepared to go on all day if necessary). Anyway the third was the winner, and wow what a difference.
This is how to change tatty into natty folks, it was four hours of hard labour, preventing the DRIPS from accumulating in the wavy bits, while performing a juggling act. Because whilst rescuing a drip at one side another appeared at the other, argh.
But it was worth it because they now resemble (painted) ornate wrought iron. When Dave came back he was impressed, it wasn’t obvious but I could tell.    
Later on he varnished and oiled the wood trim he came back with, left it to dry out on the jetty, and brought it in just before a massive downpour. Something’s not right here, I know this job’s been delayed by two weeks, but apart from that everything’s gone to plan. (Now there’s a first).
Oops, shouldn’t have said that till it’s all finished because with this boat’s track record, there’s still room for change.
Hard graft, but a very Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful hubby Laughing out loud

Almost forgot…!

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