Wednesday, 17 June 2009

STRIKING a lucky BREAK for once

Dave switched the kettle on this afternoon and the inverter whirred into life, strange? We’re on electric hook up, it’s got no need to kick in at all, and never has done. EXCEPT to charge up the batteries after we’d been out on the canal. (That’s when the dying alternator wouldn’t alternate).
So as you can imagine today’s entry for the “Toil ‘n Trouble” archive was “Yikes, this isn’t even possible!”
After re-composing ourselves we got on with the task of diagnosing things. We checked the battery meter readings, they were down to 12V. Mains power had gone, and we’ve still got the same knackered alternator that can’t deliver the goods (even with the engine running). Well it just gets better doesn’t it?
Fortunately the inverter was ok and just doing what it’s supposed to, Dave went out to check the electric meter and there was plenty on there. But he said he thought there was a strange humming sound coming from the box, he couldn’t be sure because it was raining so hard it was difficult to hear. Then he made sure we hadn’t got a power cut in the area – nope.
So he rang Engineer Tom, and he said to check the plug connections on both ends of the electricity cable. Which would’ve been our next “port of call” anyway, (excuse pun).
We have a spare cable that’s about a mile long for in case we’re facing the other way, so after carefully unplugging the potentially troublesome one. Dave plugged in the spare, and the inverter started topping up the batteries up again, phew!
Then he checked out the connections on the (obviously faulty) cable which came with the boat…
Plastic broken off on the outside that’s supposed to keep everything watertight…!
How it should be, this one has a different fitting on the newer (longer) cable that Dave put together himself, and had it checked out before using it…
Back to the faulty one , it was even worse inside, (excuse fingers) this wire was frazzled and the surrounding plastic had melted to it. Dave had to peel it off to find the messed up wire…
And the other wire? It was loose…
Maybe we should’ve noticed the gap in the cover on the outside ourselves, it had always been the same. But with hindsight it was underneath and unnoticeable. Dave’s just informed me that at worst it would’ve only tripped the switch in the fuse box outside. “Oh well that’s a relief” says me. It was still a “moment of panic” we could do without though.
I mean even Dave said “What next?” That’s usually my line, oh pass me a whisky, (even though I hate the stuff).
Right, let’s see now, this week we’ve (almost) had a flood, (almost) had a fire, or as it turns out perhaps not, and (almost) had ??? I know there was something else, but can’t remember what it is, never mind. Losing track – it’s probably for the best.
Thought of the day:
It’s not all plain sailing, even when you’re not going anywhere…

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