Monday, 1 June 2009

The Out-takes

Well Dave went back to work today :(  It’s all gone so fast, and just to rub salt in a wound for him it’s even hotter than yesterday.
Anyway here’s a few of the photos that came in as “runners up.” Didn’t quite make the grade. Fell short of the mark at the time. But even so they’re still worth a peek, and some have even turned out to be more interesting than they were at the time.
Note: Original caption for this first photo was: “Here’s “Tickety Boo” Billy pretending to be camera shy…”
Well that would be fine except I’ve just been reminded his real name is “Bobby,” jeez I’m USELESS at remembering names, and sometimes this can prove to be very embarrassing.
Aha! Not this time though because even Debs herself isn’t sure if he’s a “Buster” or a “Berty” and he’s her dog.
So amended caption for this photo:
As you can see here, “Tickety Boo” Benji doesn’t give a toss anyway…
Holiday 030
A wigwam with a view…?

Holiday 013
I expected to see a stately home at the top of this hill, (above the manicured field). But it was just a herd of cows, or “dots” as they turned out in this picture…
Holiday 035
Tramlines in the field on the left, not very noticeable I know, but it is a nice view…
Holiday 036
Can you spot the three ducks? Nice place you got there guys…
Holiday 017
A jacuzzi made of stone…?
Holiday 024

What looked like ornate gas pipes (till we got up close and they were grotty). Notice the WW2 bunker behind it…
Holiday 025
Mama water hen feeding bread to her baby’s, ah…
Holiday 031
How sad, boarded up and abandoned. There was lovely ornate ironwork underneath the bit that sticks out too. Fully restored, just think how many luxury apartments it could be turned into…
Holiday 054

Bet this guy was the equivalent of Bill Gates in his time…
Holiday 057

Well there you go, a journey through the “Weird, Wonderful and Whacky” photos from our recent jaunt along the Leeds Liverpool canal.
Tune in next week for a free video tutorial about how to tap into such talent, but you have to be a nutcase to qualify…

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