Thursday, 4 June 2009

The panel with a problem

Well the past couple of days we’ve both had a distinct lack of enthusiasm for tackling ANY of the items on our “DIY projects and boat improvements list.”
Which also still includes a small percentage of jobs that have been started and abandoned till a later date for various reasons. The main excuse being that if the job in question makes no visible difference, (which in layman's terms means nobody would notice anyway). Then it’s ok to leave it for a while and move onto something much more pleasing to the eyeballs.
A prime example of leaving something boring behind was draft proofing the hatch cover. An elaborate, yet tedious undertaking which was started in October last year, and still hasn’t been undertaken.
However, there is still a chink of hope for mustering up the will to bring on the power tools. Dave mentioned something about turning the highly sophisticated panel (that hides the washer drier) into a proper door.
This is because in order to prise the damn thing off (and reveal the electrical washing miracle) one has to tug, pull and generally wrench the panel out with brute force. Leaving one’s nails looking like they’ve been shredded.
The panel…

The hidden Velcro join…
Hey presto…
And yet there’s more… Complication number one, I want to paint this wood, (all of it under the breakfast bar) because it’s totally inferior to the rest of the wood on the boat.
Remember the fun we had dancing on the ceiling in March? (I mean painting the centre panel thingy?) Well that’s lovely wood, and was all about a design feature.
But this is a bit different, so cover the ugly wood in the same colour paint and hey presto a colour coordinated transformation, good eh?
However, Dave threw a spanner in the works by saying it would be easier to oil it. To be continued…

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