Monday, 15 June 2009

Totally fed up

There was another turn of phrase I wanted to use as a heading for this post. But I thought better of it, so I’ll leave it to your imagination.

Morning: As I write this I can hear a dripping noise under the sink, it started when I did the washing up. Oh and, it’s not just one bit that’s leaking – it’s two different places, but I can only see one of them. I know this isn’t like me, I usually see the funny side, but right now I just can’t. Too many “little boat niggles” recently have turned into one big one.

Dave’s in bed at the moment, (working tonight). I could temporarily switch the water off on the console thingy for the water pump. But I don’t think it would make any difference, so I’m going to just leave it. In fact I’m even going to put my washer on, so if it floods the place and we sink then tough.

I think this is called “venting” it’s not often I feel the need to “vent” but this is one of those times.

Afternoon: Well Dave’s up now, so he’s doing an “examination and diagnosis” at the moment. By the way I didn’t put my washer on earlier, somehow I resisted the urge to potentially do MORE damage. Believe me it wasn’t easy because I wanted payback, justice, revenge? I mean what next? You’d think this boat would be dam grateful for all the time and money we’ve spent on it but NO.

Later on: The problem turned out to be the plastic sink waste pipe, it wasn’t broken at the joint (like a normal waste pipe would be) oh no,, the whole hose was split. Dave couldn’t understand how it hadn’t leaked before.
Even though it meant him going out and searching for the right replacement fittings in the right shop. He was really glad I hadn’t emptied the washing up bowl after doing the breakfast pots. That was pure luck really. When I first heard the noise I threw my yellow (extra strength) Marigolds across the sink, checked out the cupboard underneath and walked away in disgust…

Teatime(ish): Everything’s replaced and working properly now, (phew). He even managed to get the wood for the infamous new door. So he managed to kill two birds with one stone as it were – no, make that three, because he brought back a Chinese meal for our tea.
And,, relax…

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