Thursday, 9 July 2009

A coincidence with a difference

Got up this morning and we’re actually down to 5 degrees now, well not US but the thermometer in the fridge. There, I said I wouldn´t mention it. 
So there you go, no need for a second opinion, it wasn’t a total dud after all, just a partial one. Unless the latest trend is to buy a fridge freezer with a “delayed reaction” feature built into it. Well I guess these things are sent to try us. (And indeed they do).
Whilst we’re still on the subject of “appliances” (yawn) here’s the new microwave we bought last week…
Just pretend you can’t see the kettle getting in on centre stage here, although I guess it shows how "compact" this new purchase is?
There was no need to introduce this new crew member to the blog at the time, because it was a trivial matter of the old one being past it’s sell by date. After all it's just a thing that fills a corner.
When I spoke to Diane and Steve a few days ago, I mentioned it was a “Tesco Special” offer, they laughed and said it’s probably the same one they got a few weeks ago. To be honest I had noticed they’d got one, but I’ve never felt the need to copy, not the done thing is it?
BUT with the possibility of it being the same, now was the time for comparison. (It’s a woman thing). Fortunately it’s not like we’re talking about choosing the same ball gown for the Queen's garden party or anything.
It turned out to be all about what we’d each paid, I clocked the cheesy grins straightaway, and realised there was more to this than met the eye. A bet was on about us having paid more for ours.
Turned out they’d got theirs for half price, and fell about laughing when I said we’d spent double that, I could easily have lied just to save face, but:
A) I’m too honest.
B) By that time I was laughing my ass off too.
Thought of the day: Can’t win? Then see the funny side!
I've just tested out that bottle of wine again - only to make sure it's holding a steady temp of course, and it is...

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