Sunday, 5 July 2009

A heatwave in the fridge?

Well Steve came round this morning to announce that he’d fixed the bow thruster on their boat, AND the central heating. (But that’s another story). Apparently the state of the electrics on the bow thruster was dangerous enough to have started a fire down below decks. He said it was smoking as he tested it, good job he’s an electrician then eh?

Meanwhile it has to be said that our TT has been very well behaved for the past few days. Strange that.

BUT it’s not all plain sailing (excuse pun) it appears there’s a “white goods mutiny” on board instead. As in... the fridge. While it was REALLY warm weather for a brief period in time, we had to turn it up to the highest (I mean coldest) setting. Fair enough we thought, after all, the heat was a bit alien to us.

But it appears to have decided to go on strike despite the fact that summer is over now, (she says sceptically).

So for the past few days (within 24 hours) milk turns to cheese, yoghurt goes lumpy, meat goes green, salad turns to mush, and most importantly white wine stays warm – YUK.

Yesterday Dave bought a fridge thermometer thingy, it’s supposed to be about 5 degrees in there,, it was showing 10. Dave’s bananas have “gone off” too, ahem, less said the better.
We’ve just noticed it’s getting worse. The door was open for but a few seconds when I took this photo. It’s almost gone up to TWENTY, maybe we’d have more success using the oven instead…

I wouldn’t care but we’re talking about an “A” rated fridge / freezer here that’s supposed to be “Frost Free” got that right. But not in the way it’s intended. The only saving grace is that the freezer is still, well, freezing. So what’s the next move then?

ME: "Sod it, go out and buy a new one."
DAVE: "I’m going to de-frost it." (Good luck with that honey bunny).

Change of subject: He´s just announced that he’s having a bad week really because even his fishing maggots are only lasting two days before they turn into “casters." (That’s when they stop wriggling about before turning into flies), yuk. AND NO HE DOESN’T KEEP THEM IN THE FRIDGE! (Consigned to the Bow locker only).

Blimey, I hope you’re not eating your tea, but if you are – blame Dave for passing on such awe inspiring info to “enhance” my blog with…

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