Thursday, 16 July 2009

A mystery bird

Well it looks like we’ve discovered a real mystery bird today. It’s been seen flying about in the early morning and evening. Looks like a cross between a seagull or a kestrel, the same size only more streamlined.
We took these photos yesterday using “sports mode” on the camera, because it was darting about back and forth SO FAST. Then we noticed it diving vertically down into the water catching a fish, it did that twice.
I’m no expert, but even with a book of British birds I think it might be difficult to ID, and look at that forked tail! The only time it wasn't moving was when it hovered on the air currents (just like a kestrel).
It gave us a fantastic acrobatic (aerobatic?) display, but wasn't around for very long.
Reminded me of a jet fighter plane in flight, very skilful…

I guess it’s the bird equivalent of a thoroughbred racehorse…

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