Sunday, 12 July 2009

A naturist in Rufford

It dawned on me the other day that even though I’ve mentioned our good friends Steve and Diane quite regularly on my blog. I haven’t posted any actual pictures of them yet, camera shy? Although their boat does feature in a couple of obscure places on here somewhere.
So let me introduce you to Steve for the first time…

We were sat in “the conservatory” this aft and I saw a “figure” wandering past the back of our boat (on the embankment) taking a dog for a walk. (Was he, not the dog, wearing a white T-shirt perhaps?) However on closer inspection it turned out to be Steve, without one on at all.
But what he obviously didn’t realise (till we told him) was that from “over here,” and with the reeds obscuring his snazzy shorts it looked like perhaps, well do I need to say more?!
Then he made it even funnier by standing in the right spot and posing for the camera… Hilarious stuff, see you’ve got to be able to laugh at many things round here. The main three being yourself, your friends, AND the numerous problems / improvement projects associated with your boat that don't quite follow the intended plan.
David Attenborough voice: “This particular kind of species can be found loitering in the longer reeds on the banks of a canal / marina. Most of him is visible during the day. More commonly known as [Latin] Stevenicus exhibitionistus…”

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