Friday, 24 July 2009

Back cabin to luxury conservatory Part 1

Please note, TT is on a “skew” here because Dave pulled the back end over to the next jetty for prep work. Thing is, we've decided to keep the wooden rail and the wood panels below the "mess" because it’s practical and looks nice.
Difficult to assess in photos with all the “super flaps” above it. Apparently it's all gone horrible so quick because the wrong material was used, as in not up to the job.
So here it is in all it’s yucky glory before changing anything…
Dave rubbing down the wood panels…

And just starting to paint them…
See how much those "flappy bits" let down the rest of the boat…?
It stinks round here at the moment because they’re patching up paint on the boat next door too. Anybody would think the queen is coming round to do a Royal Boat inspection – makes a change from BW doing a licence inspection I suppose.
Guess we’d better go and light the BBQ for her then...
PS: Dave thought he’d get away with one layer of paint – no chance, that’s just too eezy…

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