Saturday, 18 July 2009

Booked in at the boat house

We’ve got "first time" visitors coming to the boat tomorrow so today was a day for cleaning, (like you do). But what we both found out was that all the little jobs, the ones you keep noticing, the ones that niggle every time you look at them, and you still think "Bog off, get to the back of the queue. 
Well THEY sort of took over and kept us busy for the rest of the afternoon. Hence it meant we spent about 10 times longer wading through the “to do some other time” list than anything else. I even found myself sewing up a hole in a T shirt for goodness sake (it was about three months ago when I first noticed it).
Meanwhile Dave ended up buried under the sink faffing about with some kind of problem I didn't even know about, which involved using smelly mastic. Oh, and he ended up with about half a tube thingy (well almost) stuck to his hands.
Later on I asked him kindly to pass me something because I’d just put some nail varnish on. He turned round and said “well my hands are full of mastic, so which is worse?”
We also went over to the office today and booked TT in the boat house for a week starting 1st March, to have her bum smacked blacked, and just the small matter of a bow thruster to be fitted.
What with that and the new lux conservatory to be, oh it’s all happening you know, and it will all be documented in glorious Technicolor on here. Of course there’ll be plenty of things not going to plan. Guaranteed.
By teatime we gave up with the house work boat work and went to the pub for a meal. Just before we set off though, look who came a´ calling for their own little feast…
Ah bless, the “swanlets” are growing up fast...

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