Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Defrosting the frost free fridge freezer

Apparently Dave had already defrosted the fridge earlier this week without me even noticing, ah well, shows how interesting it all is.
Anyway, because there’d been no improvement with "the problem" since then. He came to the conclusion that the freezer was now the culprit, because it was seriously bunged up with ice.
So Dr David’s diagnosis went something like “It’s stopping the fridge from working proper.” Meanwhile I stood by my own diagnosis of “Just buy a new fridge freezer, it´s easier.”
Frost free it may be, 
But full of ice is not nice. Corny, but true...
Stage 1: With baskets of food everywhere, this is the state it was in. The pan and tray were full of boiling water as the process began. Tension hung in the air amidst the steam…
Stage 2: Incorporating a hairdryer helps to speed things up a bit…
Stage 3: When boredom sets in the “Hands Free” Hi-Tec version comes in useful…
Stage 4: Ah, that’s better --- isn't it…?

Now for the REAL test, after switching it back on nothing happened, it appeared to be as dead as a doornail. But after leaving it alone for a couple of hours it suddenly resurrected itself, PHEW.
Meanwhile we had to chuck a load of food out, but most of what got whizzed had been lurking about in there since last year, so it was about time anyway.
Next was to monitor the temperature and only open the door(s) when ABSOLUTELY necessary. (Sounds like I’m talking about what to do when someone’s got cold and flu symptoms).
At first the temp showed 20 degrees, then about 6 hours later it went down to 10 again. But that’s still not good enough is it? Lets see now, I’m crap at maths but if the optimum temp in a fridge is 5 degrees, then it’s still twice as warm as it should be. And frost free / ice free / whatever, there’s still no improvement from yesterday.
Credit where it’s due and all that. Dave did a real good job, but pristine as this appliance now looks, it's a bit useless if it still doesn't work as intended. Hence I couldn’t prevent myself from uttering those four (also useless) little words: “TOLD YOU SO.”
I just knew from the start it couldn't be that simple, not on this boat anyway. Whereas Dave must have been doing the "wishful thinking" thing.
So we’ll checkout thermometer tomorrow, after all there's still time for improvement. That’s before booking an appointment at Curry’s and throwing another 400 quid or so up in the sky…

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