Sunday, 19 July 2009

Little Things

Our grandson and his mum arrived this aft, it was lovely to see them both, they live down south so it’s very rarely we get to chance to see each other. Our grandson has grown up so much since we last saw him in August last year, what a little tinker! 
To think I was wondering if I might have to stash away some of my nick knacks. You know, ornaments and stuff, like the crystal glass decanter, the art deco vases, the three china ducks, the pair of matching bronze statues, the marble bust of King George, and the Persian carpet.
Turned out there was no need to donate them to the British museum for the day because he was as good as gold – which reminds me, did I mention the gilded toilet seat?
Bless him, no such drastic measures required, he was fascinated with the boat and more interested in being captain of the ship for a day. (The gear stick thingy was fascinating).
He has a really infectious laugh (always has), and discovered that feeding the ducks was a hilarious experience. So the rest of us giggled along with him – couldn’t help it.  
When I first saw him walk down the jetty and said “Hellooooooo” he replied by letting me know what make of car we had. Later on he did a couple of drawings and went for a walk with grandad. Meanwhile his mum and me had a good old chinwag about all sorts. Heck, we had a lot of catching up to do!
Aw, bless, grandad Dave supervising proceedings…

We had a great afternoon, it made me think, there’s some people in life who you’d really like to see more often, but can’t because circumstances dictate.
Ah well it was quality time and that’s what counts…

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