Saturday, 11 July 2009

Look what we discovered

Dave pulled the appliance that keeps things cold and frozen today to clean the back of it with the hoover, which was just an added extra to its future well-being really. Hopefully this means the last of any more faffing about with the darn thing, or blogging about it for that matter.
Amazingly it was quite clean and tidy behind there -- on the floor I was expecting to see fluff balls the size of mountains, the odd pea or two, maybe half a mushroom, or perhaps a few dubious stains. But no, none of the above except for a light layer of dust. (Best outcome I guess).
We did find something else though, which came as quite a surprise:
Remember Woodstuck the Happy Hippy who lives in the kitchen wall...?
Well knock me down with a feather, (Heather), he’s got four little friends that are normally hidden away, bizarre indeed…
No wonder he's got a smiley on his face...

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