Friday, 3 July 2009

Mission Aborted

Well we WERE supposed to be tripping off down the canal into the sunset today but it didn’t quite work out as planned, nothing new there then.
YET AGAIN the weather put the kybosh on things. So we were left sat here whilst the crew of TT2 battled on regardless, well c’mon they’ve got a bow thruster,,, (Humph). And as my faithful reader already knows the issue of the WEATHER mingled with (LACK OF) bow thruster for us is the deciding factor.

Me? I would’ve gone regardless even if we were up the creek without a paddle, so to speak. But (and I don’t like to admit this) Dave knows where to draw the line better than I do. Even so we were both seriously miffed about it.

There’s another slight problem too, if we turn left out of the marina, it means we have to take the back cabin (conservatory) to bits which is a right pain in the ass. Why do we have to do this? Is it because of the arched bridges further down?

Nope, it’s because some daft bugger from the council got the dimensions wrong when they built a road bridge. Apparently BW informed them of the minimum height required and they got it wrong – by about 2 inches.

Then there’s the small matter of re-assembling the back cabin (conservatory) when we return to port. Each time we rebuild it after having pulled it to bits. The pieces of the jig-saw never seem to fit back together as good as they did before. So basically the back cabin, (whatever it’s called today) ends up with bits missing. Bit’s that don’t fit properly. More poppers have popped their clogs, and new draughts appear where there never used to be before.

However don’t be disturbed by this (we aren’t), especially me if it increases the urgency of getting the dam thing replaced. Basically, the low bridge doesn’t have any bearing on whether we turn left at all, but in wind and rain forget it anyway!

So we went for a long walk up the canal instead, while we were walking back the sun came out. It warmed up, and we considered heading off out to catch up our friends out there on TT2.

We could moor up overnight, do the BBQ thing and have a right good p*ss up. When we got back to the boat I was all set and ready for the off, then Dave uttered that horrible phrase “I’ll just check out the weather for tomorrow first.” CRINGE (she awaits with baited breath).  

Summary being “Oh no, it’s going to be even worse than earlier on.” I tried all the usual persuasive lingo I could think of. Plus a few more interesting phrases whilst pacing backwards and forwards. But no, he was standing firmly roped up,, END OF…

Silence prevailed. (Sulk). So read my book, while he sat and watched Andy Murray let down the hopes of a tennis nation good style.

What a CRAP day…

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