Saturday, 4 July 2009

Oh Dear

It was about lunchtime when our friends came limping back into the marina. Yes the weather was nasty (Dave got it right after all) and their bow thruster had FAILED.

Between them Diane and Steve somehow managed to avoid all the boats on our pier. But it all went sadly wrong when they arrived at their jetty, 90 degrees onto it. With another boat in danger of being bashed across the way at the service area. It may sound dramatic but it’s a 12ft x 57ft boat, so it needs “a few good men” when it all goes wrong.

The menfolk came running from near and far, meanwhile I could only stand on the back of our boat watching, because I was having a lazy morning and still had my nightie on. Much as I would’ve liked to help, I wasn’t going running out “in me nothings” as it were.

As I watched them struggling I heard a lady across the way shouting "Oh no he’s going to go in,,, he’s going in,,, look he’s GOING IN." On closer inspection, to my horror she was talking about Dave! He was right at the edge of their jetty hanging onto a rope for dear life, and totally in the lap of the gods because no-one could reach him.

Jeez it was close, his luck was in because the bow came back (the wrong way), and the rope pulled him back onto the jetty. But for a moment there his face had the look of a water skier that had just spotted a shark moving in, as did mine!

Anyway they managed to get the boat in (wrong way round) but never mind. When Dave came back (shaken not stirred), he looked like he’d been in the water anyway because his clothes were wet through. I would’ve given him a big hug, but decided not to till he’d got changed...

Later on we went round there for a brew, by this time they’d reconstructed their own luxury conservatory. As we were sat in there, Steve was fiddling about with a loose piece of wood, and it came off in his hand… "Oh well, look at that." Their back cabin is in the same state as ours.

So all four of us have decided to go for a bespoke back cabin (conservatory) design on both boats. You know, a bit like a convertible car, where you just press a button and there’s a gentle Buzz while the roof glides forward effortlessly. Then the sides fold up and slot down on their own. (Yeh right, in your dreams babe).

Excitement over we decided to go to the pub for a drink at night. But the weather stepped in AGAIN, and by that time we couldn’t be bothered walking round…

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