Saturday, 25 July 2009

Revealing the interior of the back cabin

Might as well show off the interior too:
I’ve been too embarrassed to post these crappy photos on my blog till now, (taken for posterity reasons only of course). But I don’t care anymore, so does anyone want to buy a “nearly new” second hand luxury conservatory?
Going cheap, yours for only ONE THOUSAND POUNDS due to such high quality materials used. So hurry, offer ends next Friday at 12 noon prompt...
Please note these pictures are of a sensitive nature and could cause permanent damage to the eyes:
Perfectly straight seams on the back section…
Two very different types of stitching have been used in this bespoke window. The one above being different to the one below, giving it a truly unique feature…
Right side section, with mouldy tramline effects and more dodgy seams…
Awesome (or even gruesome) indeed…

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