Monday, 10 August 2009

Another false start for the new back cabin conservatory

As predicted the heavens opened today, so Stage One was officially cancelled because of it.

And to think, what with last week’s farting about, we were hoping that luck would be on our side FOR ONCE? (Foolish indeed).

Just to reiterate:
  • Last Monday I was a week previous to the actual event in my diary, my fault – I took the phone call and logged it wrong. So even though the sun was shining (then) nothing happened by default.
  • Today, on the right day, it was peeing down – so nothing happened by circumstance.
Today is the only day for a while. But it was inevitable really, neither of us were surprised at all, p*ssed off yes, but not unduly alarmed. We were prepared for things not to work out as planned, um weren't we?
So rain stopped play, we were fed up, but never mind, not to worry. Cliff Richard dragged himself away from his Botox treatment for a rendition of “We’re all going on a summer holiday” then presented us with a bowl of strawberries.

I wondered if this was supposed to cheer us up? Because at the same time I was thinking I might just spontaneously combust with (non) excitement.

So with our plans down the toilet, we might as well be in it. Oh, and I poured boiling water over my Bran Flakes this morning instead of in my tea cup, today was a non-starter from the word go. Right, no more self pity, it’s too boring.

In an effort to take our minds off things we went and did some errands, you know the kind of things you have to do before you flee the country before you go on holiday.

There’s always about a million loose ends to tie up before jumping on a plane, (well there is for us) and we managed about three so we’re almost there…

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