Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Back cabin update

We're keeping the front windscreen, Dave’s been up there priming and painting the wood today. The roof that's going to the tip is up on stilts while everything around it dries. Hey we've still got a  quirky roof for a while..!.
I posted a photo of this side the other day. At the time it had a “join the dots” puzzle of missing paint spots, but with a bit of graft. Rubbed down, primed and painted it’s looking good now…
Painting the inside of the front screen will have to wait till after the big event because there’s hinges that hold the roof on (now) which won’t be needed for the new “solarium.” Also, the wooden rail that runs round the back of the boat will have to be left alone for now. Because “something’s” got to fix onto it, the likes of steel supports.
So that leaves us with the burning question, will the heavens open when tomorrow’s “pattern” is being made? The weather forecast round here recently hasn’t exactly been reliable.
The “Glass half full” kind of person that I am makes no difference. Something’s got to go wrong – as my granny would say “I can feel it in me water…”

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